One maaan. One bike. Presenting a strong cargo bike. To take you where no man has gone before. Expeditions in extreme environments. Or just for daily work. It conquers rocks, glaciers and the urban jungle. It’s cargo biking made cool. It’s cargo biking made easy.

It’s made for business – and it is a pleasure. Hand crafted in Greenland by a Danish Viking named Mikkel, to resist any type of weather.

Build your bike

Choose between a variety of strong motors, batteries and accessories to conquer the task. It doesn’t matter if its a bike for your business or an expedition - it wont let you down.

Heavy cargo load

The bike takes 150kilo of cargo anywhere you want to go. Modify your bike with accessories such as an insulated cargo box or cabin.

Extreme environments

Made for all kind of environments the bike forces everything from glaciers to the urban jungle.

Easy handling

Short bike, lightweight aluminum frame and wide 20” wheels, makes handling easy. Even with full load.