The story

'Feeling insignificant and free, overwhelmed by nature - That's where we evolve'


In the beginning, the mountains were lovely and the sky was clear. After 3 months it hits you. You can't get away - You're stuck!

40 km2 to move around on without any network or old friends to lean against, when times get rough.

You can't just take off to another city or go for a walk in the mountains - you are stuck. Everything is too dangerous and needs to be prepared days ahead. We took a boat tour with a local hunter to get in to where the ice breaks from the inland ice. He told us, that on a clear day like this, the chance of getting hit by a tsunami from a turning iceberg was the same as on every other day. We would survive 3 minutes in the freezing water. We were 4 hours away from civilization. It makes you feel very small and insignificant. No matter how much you prepare and insure yourself, you could be gone by the turning of an iceberg on a sunny day.

I started realizing that I had to do what I have always wanted to do. And I did.

After a few months the locals started to get used to my idea of building a bike that takes you everywhere. What once was a tiny idea on how to get tools around in the snow, is now a risin cargobike brand for professionals /AsasarA Cargobikes.

The story is about Mikkel Bentsen (The Viking) and his family moving to Greenland.

They decided to explore and live in the land that the danes have been related to, for generations.

And it was stunning.